Nothing quite like the feeling of picking up that bow and staring down at the target. Now at Bear Grylls Explorers Camp, you can experience this unique and fun activity and enjoy the sense of accomplishing your goals. Shooting accurately, not only builds confidence, but also helps teach self-motivation, patience, and calmness. 

All you need is a bow, an arrow, and determination. Men, women, children of all ages can shoot. Celebrate a sport on UAE’s highest mountain, that has shaped the human history of hunting, sport, and competition.


Who is this reccommended for 8 years and above and min 122 cm height
Weight No limit
What’s Included All safety equipment
What to wear Wear comfortable athletic clothing. Avoid loose clothing and jewellery. Wear only closed sports/running shoes, without heels or open toes. No sandals allowed. If your experience is planned during the winter months, do bring a jacket as the mountain weather can be quite cold and windy. Make sure you always wear sunblock.
Duration 30 mins

Dear guests,

Thank you for helping us create some amazing memories during this season at Bear Grylls Explorers Camp!

The camp is now officially closed until September 2022. During this summer we will be building new and engaging adventures and courses as part of our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional guest experiences.

A new and improved set of adventures await you for the upcoming season and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

“The spirit of a survivor: positivity, courage, determination, and resourcefulness” – Bear Grylls

See you all in September!
-Team Bear Grylls Explorers Camp