The ropes course is a fun and interactive adventurous activity on Bear Grylls Explorers Camp. Get your adrenaline rushing at a new obstacle maze on the UAE’s highest mountain! Suitable for adventure seekers of all ages, our rope course involves several exciting challenges, and is conveniently located at the camp complex, making this one of the most popular adventures in the camp. 

Find your sense of adventure 10 meters above the ground as you navigate through various obstacles including rope swings, wobbly bridges, swinging loops and so much more! Adventure for all!



Activity Details

Who is this reccommended for 8 years and above and min 122 cm height
Weight Max 130 Kilos
What’s Included All safety equipment and event design, an agreed input and management.
What to wear Wear comfortable athletic clothing. Avoid loose clothing and jewellery. Wear only closed sports/running shoes, without heels or open toes. No sandals allowed. If your experience is planned during the winter months, do bring a jacket as the mountain weather can be quite cold and windy. Make sure you always wear sunblock.
Duration 1 hour